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Gail Godwin

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"I've long thought of Gail Godwin as a present-day George Eliot — our keenest observer of lifelong, tragically unwitting decisions.”
—John Irving

Can the needs of the living and dead sometimes merge? Eleven-year-old Marcus’s desire to believe so leads him, and us, on a harrowing and unforgettable journey toward an answer. Grief Cottage further confirms that Gail Godwin is one of our country’s very finest novelists.
—Ron Rash

Available June 6, 2017

Grief Cottage

Grief Cottage

by Gail Godwin

Available June 5, 2017

The haunting tale of a desolate cottage, and the hair-thin junction between this life and the next, from bestselling National Book Award finalist Gail Godwin.

After his mother's death, eleven-year-old Marcus is sent to live on a small South Carolina island with his great aunt, a reclusive painter with a haunted past. Aunt Charlotte, otherwise a woman of few words, points out a ruined cottage, telling Marcus she had visited it regularly after she'd moved there thirty years ago because it matched the ruin of her own life...

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Gail Godwin is a three-time National Book Award finalist and the bestselling author of more
than a dozen critically acclaimed books, including Publishing, a memoir, and the novels Flora,
Father Melancholy's Daughter, and Evensong. | Learn More

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