Gail Godwin

Nonfiction by Gail Godwin

Publishing Publishing: A Writer's Memoir

Published 2015

Gail Godwin's eloquently written Publishing, chronicles Ms. Godwin's long and storied career—which includes 5 New York Times bestsellers, and 3 National Book Award finalists. It also maps the publishing industry over her nearly half-century long career. Read more>>

Making of a Writer Volume 2The Making of a Writer Volume 2: Journals, 1963-1969

Published 2011

As a young woman and aspiring author, Gail Godwin kept a detailed journal of her hopes and dreams, her love affairs, daily struggles, and small triumphs as she yearned for the day when she would finally become a published writer. At the urging of her friend Joyce Carol Oates, Godwin has distilled these early journals into two parts: This second and final volume opens in London in 1963 and concludes with the triumphant sale of Godwin's first novel in 1969. Read more>>

Making of a WriterThe Making of a Writer: Journals, 1961-1963

Published 2006

After the breakup of her first marriage and being fired from her job as a reporter for the Miami Herald, Godwin decides to devote herself to becoming a writer and moves to Europe — first to Denmark then to London, with a glorious interlude in the Canary Islands. Read more>>

Heart Heart: A Personal Journey Through Its Myths and Meanings

Published 2001

Heart: A Natural History of the Heart-Filled Life, with new index, reader's guide and author's update. Read more>>